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Brendan Phillips, Dakota Rivers – RAW Slut Hole
Dakota Rivers and Brendan Phillips waste no time getting to know each other. The two are more than eager to discover each other’s perfect bodies, quickly tearing their clothes off and Brendan going straight for Dakota’s beautiful cock. Dakota face-fucks Br... Continue

Easton 5
Easton has returned and this time he's come back in dire need of some cash and he turned to the one source he knew he could tap.... yep ME! Easton displays some very straight behavior as he takes control of this brown ass and treats it just like he would any o... Continue

Dakota's main love is film, so he also wanted to help film, edit, or be a production assistant. Those are great skills to have, but after you watch this solo, you can tell the dude should be in front of the camera as much as possible. He has a very horny vibe... Continue

Wesley Woods is mesmerized by Colby Keller’s toned hairy bod and raging hard cock. He slobbers on that delicious piece of meat, with Colby returning the favor and then some. Colby spreads those legs and shoves himself inside, massaging Wesley’s insides wit... Continue

Kipp is the kind of guy who is pretty relaxed, and just goes with the flow of life… I guess that’s basically how he got here! To top it all off, he’s really hot! “I was like, ‘Alright, let’s see! This might be fun!’” It looked like he had a lot... Continue

Dirty Scout #67
Working abroad is always a good experience and it looks very nice in every CV. This boy had just returned from the USA where he worked as an artist and a waiter. Unfortunately, his work visa expired and he had to return home. I was afraid he might be too good ... Continue

Rob is a tall, slim, and chiseled young man. Of course, he has his age on his side, but not every 18-year-old is walking around with an 8-pack of washboard abs, toned arms, back, and chest. He works out five days a week, which a pretty impressive routine for s... Continue