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Menatplay is back where it all started this week – in the office. This scene is classic Menatplay material and it’s where the whole idea began of working suited men turning the 9 to 5, into a horny game. New guy Mick Stallone is working in our offices for ... Continue

Debt Dandy #198
This young man called me because he needed 25 000 to pay a fine. He was a naughty boy, you know. After finishing high school he partied with his classmates. The party had to be pretty wild. Our boy got so hammered that he woke up in a police cell. Apparently h... Continue

Alex Gray’s sister has a hot boyfriend that he’d love to get in the pants of. He decides to make a move after watching Cliff prepare to take a shower and soon enough has his dick down his throat. As Cliff makes Alex’s ass his fuck toy, his girlfriend ret... Continue

Barton & Jerome
Jerome is always turned-on when he is next to a guy, and often is on the edge of cumming. I definitely think an Edge video is in his future, but I just wanted to see how close he would get during a massage themed video. Barton oils-up his body and they took ... Continue

Aston Long and Juan Carlos fuck “Reality Thugs Style”! Picking up ladies at bars might be easy for them, but will an ass penetration be equally easy? Lubricant’s on the table for a reason. ... Continue