Carson Booth – Pounded Open & Sperm Stuffed

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Some of the residents are actually highly functioning on the outside, but they made a stupid mistake and fortune sent them to us. These guys are sometimes the worst, because when you secretly get away with something for so long, it's difficult to believe that your secret is out. People like this aren't used to being monitored and told what to do. That's not our fault, though, and half of the battle is breaking their will and getting them to step in line. Our unfortunate resident is a case example of the kind of guy who still believes he can get away with his problem. Luckily for us here in the 21st century, we have highly accurate tests to detect when one of our lambs has gone astray. When I marched in and presented him with the evidence, it didn't take him long to crack, either. Better yet, it gave me the perfect excuse to get my dick in that sexy fucking hole of his. I had been wanting to breed him since I laid my eyes on him, and I finally got my chance. I slapped him to put him in his place, and then I took my cock out of my pants. As he grabbed onto it with his smooth fingers, I could just tell this would be a wild ride. To tell you the truth, as much as I wanted to fuck him, I could have just kicked back and let him blow me until I nutted into that pretty mouth of his. What a great cocksucker! Sometimes a guy surprises you and has the ability to suck a dick better than you'd think! At any rate, he worked it well, and when I turned my attention to his hole I was primed to get in there. I shoved his legs up in the air to take a look, and I was pleased as punch to see a perfect hole that looked more fuckable than a Hollywood character actress. He had just the right combination of tightness and give, and his ass enveloped my cock like a tight fitting glove. I could have fucked this guy all day long! I did fuck him for a while, and in many positions. Raw-dogging this asshole was better than fresh cream butter on warm baked bread. I think he liked it, too. He put on that whole disgusted look, but he's gonna be jerking off thinking about this pounding, I can just tell. When I'd pulled my dick out of his ass and shoved it into his mouth, I was already close to cumming. I put it back in his hole and drove all the way to the finish line. I came buckets. When I pulled out after leaving millions of sperm up inside him, I was still gushing. What a treat. I am hoping that this resident keeps fucking up, because I could certainly give him some lessons in getting a long nicely with others every day of the week.

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