If the site goes offline or you can’t access it for some reason, please visit our twitter for more information.

Here are answers to the most commonly reported problems and questions.

  • Site is not showing properly in my browser

We try to optimize our site for most popular browsers in the latest versions, so we recommend updating if you still using an outated version. Our site is responsive, it means that is adapted for viewing on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc. For the best browsing experience we recommend the latest Firefox or Chrome browsers.

  • I have a problem playing videos

Usually a problem with video playback appears when the file has not been fully downloaded, or when we do not have the appropriate audio/video codecs installed on your system. Therefore first refer to the video release post and compare it’s meta data with your downloaded file, to see whether it is complete. Make sure that you have the latest versions of the software, drivers and codecs. For smooth playback of downloaded videos we recommend media players like VLC or MPC-HC media players, available for free.

  • The captcha task in posts is not working

If you do not see the captcha form within the post page, or in spite of the correct resolving it content still remains locked, make sure that javascript in your browser is enabled, as well cookies for our website.
If you have Adblock extension installed, turn it off and see if that solves the problem. If not, try a different browser. You can also disable the captcha verification by becoming our member.

  • The file is no longer available or has been removed

If you get an error page or find offline, incorrect links to files and images in posts, you can report it by leaving comment below such posts. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

  • I’m experiencing slow download speeds

You are probobly in peak hours, where a large number of users downloading files at the time, either it’s a temporary problem with the server. Please try again later, or use any free download manager like JDownloader or Mipony which can help accelerate and improve the download process.

  • Why this file is available only for premium users?

Unfortunately our download links are reposted on public porn forums, where they are immediately removed by delete bots, thus making our posters an extra work in their re-uploading.
To prevent it we are forced to set our links as premium only, since such links are not allowed on public porn forums. Although we try to occasionally make them available for non premium users.

  • How to become a poster on your website?

Thank you for your interest, but currently we dont need new posters. It it changes a appropriate notice will appear, and then you can apply.

  • Is there any option to remove this annoying captcha and redirecting on every post?

To remove redirection and captcha, you can apply for a VIP Pass. In addition, you will receive access to many interesting features and parts of the site that are inaccessible to regular users.

If you have any other problems with the site, you can send them to gpsr[at]protonmail[dot]com