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Lex Sabre & Adrian Suarez – Break Time

Lex Sabre is in the Exam room at the hospital finishing up after a patient has left. Needing a little break and realizing he is all alone, he starts to stroke his hard cock through his uniform. He then pulls it out and is stroking it when Adrian Suarez, who is... Continue

Alam Wernik & Adam Archuleta – The Last Rose

While reviewing his photographs of Prague, Ryan Rose sees Alam Wernik in the background of a pic - he’s found his prey. Ryan returns to the exact spot to wait and after some time, Alam walks by. Unaware that he’s being stalked, Alam cruises through Prague ... Continue

Ben Masters & Damian Grey

New Exclusive Damian Grey, makes his CockyBoys AND porn debut at the same time, with Ben Masters doing the honors. After giving Damian a little taste of semi-public sex, Ben takes Damian back to the house for a more private make-out session on the porch. There... Continue

Javier Cruz & Rafael Cruz – Caught

Rafael Cruz comes into the Surf Shack expecting to meet Javier Cruz there to go body boarding at the beach. When he sees that Javier is not there, he calls him and apparently wakes him up. Now he has to wait for Javier to arrive and since he has time to spare,... Continue