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Cypher & Timmy – Serviced

Timmy loves the Edge and massage table themed videos. He really wants to be in the chair or on the table, having someone service him fully, making him cum. Unfortunately, he is often working with new guys, who are not super skilled or aren�t even ready to su... Continue

Mason Lear

Apparently, Dani deMuse and Mason Lear have dated in the past, so when Dani was here, he suggested I do some videos with Mason. Mason is actually in one of my All Time Favorite scenes, so I was eager to get this versatile guy in the studio. He normally h... Continue

Lorenzo & Milan – Serviced

One of my favorite things about working with Milan was his willingness to dive right in. He is definitely a straight guy with no experience, but he had the right attitude that he was willing to have fun and also make sure you guys were enjoying watching. So... Continue


Cypher is appropriately named. He definitely had me confused trying to pin down his sexuality and tastes. He says he is Polyamorous, and I was trying to nail down what that meant. Not for you, but mainly what videos he wanted me to play while he jacks-off f... Continue

Constantine & Draven – Serviced

With Constantine literally having no experience with guys, I was not sure what to expect. He was a little worried that since Draven was a straight guy, that it might be awkward. But I put on a porn that they both liked and Draven took him through his paces ... Continue

Easton & JJ Smitts – Edge

During JJ's interview for his solo video, he mentioned that he has done everything with a guy, and was very casual and cavalier about it. No big deal. I think he might have been hedging his experiences to impress you all. I of course dug deeper, and his exp... Continue

Damien Reign & Lorenzo – Serviced

Damien was really looking forward to getting head. He said his girl doesn't like to give head, so it was a rare treat. He did have a buddy growing up that would suck him off, but it sounded like Damien only got serviced and that was about it. So, we started... Continue
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