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Gordon is a chef and has worked all over the country. He has been working for quite some time for an expensive and successful Italian restaurant. He is not really looking to make a living off of porn, I think he is just sexually curious. Gordon is into w... Continue


Adorable ginger, Elton, is an 18-year-old packing a big, curved dick and he loves it! “I think a big dick is about 6-7 inches above and I’m right at that benchmark,” says the well-built, boyish cutie. “I’m circumcised and when I get a boner it just c... Continue

Aidan Anthony & Lorenzo – Serviced

I hinted last week that Aidan had been chatting on social media with one of the models and it was Lorenzo. I figured there was some chemistry as they were cyber flirting, so I hooked them up for the serviced video. You can sure tell Aidan has a Top vibe abo... Continue

Archer & Matthew West – Serviced

Unlike his solo, Archer was way more comfortable having another dude to play with. I set them up so they could watch each other jerk-off. My goal was to have Archer able to focus on Matthew, and not all the cameras. It worked beautifully. They both get h... Continue