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Elye Black & Zay Hardy – Uber Ass Pounding

Elye Black & Zay Hardy – Uber Ass Pounding
When Zay Hardy ordered Chinese, all he thought he was getting was some cheap and fast dinner, but when delivery driver Elye Black shows up at his apartment, Zay quickly realizes he's gotten more than he bargained for. Elye wastes no time seducing Zay with his ... Continue

Easton & JJ Smitts – Edge

During JJ's interview for his solo video, he mentioned that he has done everything with a guy, and was very casual and cavalier about it. No big deal. I think he might have been hedging his experiences to impress you all. I of course dug deeper, and his exp... Continue

Low Key & Manny

New LatinBoyz model Manny was bragging about his dick sucking skills. He also bragged that he was an amazing bottom so we hooked him up with power top Low Key and it turns out he definitely wasn’t exagerrating!... Continue
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