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Aspen is lying face down in his underwear on the massage table when Nate walks into the room and introduces himself. He asks Aspen if he would like a deep or soft massage and Aspen says he likes it deep. Nate starts massaging Aspen's shoulders and back first. ... Continue

Zak Bishop & Scott Finn – Milkin’ Masseur
Naked and stretched out on the massage table, Zak Bishop has Scott Finn right where he wants him. With Scott laid out, Zak has free reign to do whatever he wants to the perfect body in front of him, and as he begins to run his hands up and down Scott's body, b... Continue

Toned, slender twink Jimmie Brown takes a bath after getting sweaty outdoors. The trouble is, as he’s wearing a sexy pair of underwear and lathers himself up, Jimmie starts to get super horny. He also can’t reach his back so he calls for Joel Varga’s ass... Continue

Massage. It's all about the touch. Whether it's soft and gentle or deep and hard, there's no doubt a massage does a body good. And it's not just the recipient who benefits. The masseuse gets pleasure out of it, too! Just ask blond tattooed jock Paul Fresh mass... Continue