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Dj & Zario Travezz

Former Marine DJ is back where he belongs - at Treasure Island! From start to cum squirting finish, DJ has his lips, mouth and throat wrapped around handsome Zario Travezz's super thick dick. This cum hungry pig savors every tasty moment.... Continue

Davos & Lorenzo – Serviced

A lot of hot Latin passion in this video! Clearly, Davos loves to kiss, and these two have a great make-out session. I clued Lorenzo that Davos was into some nipple play, so he zeroed in on his nips, rubbing, sucking, biting until Davos was writhing around ... Continue

Kane Haney & Lorenzo – Serviced

There is just something really hot about this Serviced video. I think it is the fact that Lorenzo likes the daddy types, and Kane definitely gives off that vibe. Plus, it helps that Kane has a huge cock that Lorenzo gets to toy with. He is clearly having... Continue

Jezze does Crank

Jezze has a cute toned body but wants to build a little muscle so he asked Crank to give him some tips. But, there was a price. Crank has never done anything with a guy before and wanted to get serviced and Jezze had no problem with that!... Continue

Johnny Ryder & Kurtis Wolfe – Bounty Hunters

When you're on the run from the law, sometimes the line between captor and captive gets a little blurry. Fugitives Johnny Ryder and Riley Mitchell are racing through the open desert on foot. They're in need of a getaway car, and fast. Along comes a white van d... Continue

Jett Rink & Michael Roman – Cocksuckers

Jett Rink likes sucking dick more than getting sucked off, while Michael Roman loves pressure on his taint. Deepthroating is a speciality both have a shared interest in. One thing leads to another, and both decide to show the other their dick sucking skills. D... Continue