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Bradley Hayes

Once the introduction is finished Bradley Hayes begins to take his clothes off revealing his thick cock. He begins to rub his body and as he watches some porn his dick begins to grow and become even thicker. He jumps onto our bed and continues to stroke his me... Continue


Seth describes himself as a competive person; he's into sports and crossfit, so we tend to believe him! He's got boy-next-door good looks, and says that people tend to compliment him on his eyes, though he can't figure out why. That's the sort of thing you get... Continue

Mesmerized featuring Bruce Sheppard

Don't let Bruce Sheppard's angelic face and captivating blue eyes fool you! Standing at 6'5" and clocking in around 200lbs, this new model discovered by Gayhoopla will make you wish you were beside him as he tells you what he wants you to do to him. Get ready ... Continue


Muscular, hung stud Giovanni is 26-years-old with Italian roots, and he’s definitely proud of it! “I have a big, Italian cock!” says brown-haired Giovanni. “If I were to describe my dick to you, it would be a cut dick that hangs very low. I have a grea... Continue


I think this month is going to have some hot daddy types. Bowen has hot daddy written all over him. He is married and though I could not get him to admit he was actually Bi. He described all kinds of encounters with men, from topping to being an eager botto... Continue


When you're hot, you know it, right? With Casey, there's something entirely different at work. For someone with such an amazing body as he has, all Casey wants to talk about is his drive to make it better - things he could improve upon, or new challenges that ... Continue


Davos is a hot Puerto Rican dude. He has some major mass on him. At 6'3" and a beefy muscular build, he has quite a presence. But in person, he is very sweet, and loves to chat and just hang with friends. He is gay, and likes all kinds of guys, but the more... Continue


Tall, toned, 29-year-old Jaymus is a stud coming to you straight out of Poland. He’s open-minded, and of course he loves sex! “I was very young when I first started having sex. It was a quick thing, and I enjoyed it!” says muscular Jaymus. “The thing t... Continue

Kane Haney

I seem to be having a lot of Bi guys lately. At 36, Kane seems very comfortable with his sexuality. He does like the red-haired ladies, and ironically of the three ginger-themed video compilations I had on hand, his favorite freckled faced girl was in it. T... Continue


Attractive, brown-haired Sammy is a 22-year-old Ukrainian import who also has Italian roots, and his olive skin and dark features definitely show it. He’s currently a student working as a bartender, and part-time masseur. “I really enjoy bartending because... Continue